Is It Over, Yet?

This evening is being spent at a Catholic church *groan*. My mother’s choir is doing their Christmas carols this eve and I let her talk me into enter the house of cons for the first time since my grandmother’s funeral in 2007.

I still remember years ago when I had an argument with my parish priest…call it 1992…I huffed out of the church and walked into a book store to buy my first deck of Tarot cards. I don’t even remember what the argument was about, but it was when I began to educate myself on beliefs and some of the fictions that were held as facts by so many.

Now, as I type this, my oldest daughter is reading over my shoulder in fascination. “You had an argument with a priest?” she just asked. As such, I trust her to know that what I type here is private and I would answer any questions, but she should only ask me about this. It is the type of questions her grandmother would be upset by, and her mother would not necessarily understand.

Anyhow, I will sit here…the diligent son and father, and listen to songs that make me sometimes grind my teeth. We’re almost ready to begin and, dammit, I wish I had my MP3.


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