2011, eh? A Canadian Wish

We are the world’s peace keepers, eh?  Well, perhaps we were, not so sure anymore.

Whenever the holidays roll around, I always have this one song that bounces around my skull.

A bit of irony with this tune. For one, I am big P Pagan and small W Wiccan, so Christmas tunes are generally frowned upon by me. Second, the guy who wrote and sings this particular Christmas song wrote a very famous song that goes against the Christian ideals of the holiday:

“Imagine there’s no hell below us
Above us only sky…
Imagine all the people
Living for today…”

Normally I would reference who the quote is from, but odds are these lines are better known than any verse from the Bible, Qu’ran or any other scripture.

So, before my cold drugs send me off to sleep (and there may be a fourth installment of Cliff’s Turn About stories to come yet tonight…but don’t bet on it)…here is my resolution for 2011.

I will do everything in my power so that when this song comes into my head next year and those children start chanting “War is over!”…it will be true.  I will use less oil this year.  I will be more tolerant of other beliefs and less tolerant of the intolerant.  I will continue to bring my children up with a knowledge that Mother Nature is the closest thing to a sentient god that we have and, whether we have the ability or not to take care of her, we must respect her more than we have in years past.

Blessed be for 2011, my friends.  Here is hoping that we can find common ground enough to fix the bullshit that we have created.

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