Mechanic Dreams

Have the newest release from Mike + the Mechanics playing in the car as I type this out. It is called The Road and was apparently released back in April, but I just got my hands on it last night.

About two thirds through it and there is some good stuff here, but will probably take me a while to warm up to it. This is not the Mike + the Mechanics I grew up with. Like the original group, they have two singers now and one is too American Idol-ish for me. The other is not bad. The names I found are Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar.

Again, I am in the car writing this, so I do not know which voice is which, or even song names yet.

Other than Mike Rutherford, none of the original members seem to be back from when Rutherford put them together in 1984. No Peter Van Hook on drums. No Paul Carrack on vocals and keyboards. No Adrian Lee on keyboards. No Paul Young (no…not that Paul Young, the other one) on vocals.

Paul Young, unfortunately, has passed on from a heart attack in 2000, so he could not be back regardless…again, not that Paul Young…

For those that do not know Mike Rutherford by his own name, he will always be best known as guitarist for my favourite band, Genesis since the late 70s. The one way I can compare Genesis with a band like The Beatles is how well the members of the band have done on their own projects outside the group. The other two big ones, in this case are Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel…and Gabriel did come back for the reimagining of Carpet Crawlers 1999…rumours still he may tour with Genesis once more, but that remains to be seen. For the record, Tony Banks also did a couple of releases on his own…and I absolutely loved his 1991 release of “Still” where he worked with the likes of Nik Kershaw and Fish.

As for Rutherford and his mechanics, however…the band holds a rather unique place for me. Just to allow my geek ego out for a moment, all the commentary about the history of the band is pure memory on my part.

..I had almost lost the train of thought that started this post.

Everyone who was around in the 80s and was not stoned would know their two big hits, “All I Need is a Miracle” and “The Living Years”. They had a couple of less successful releases in the 90s and early 2000s that most would not be quite as familiar with…at least not in the Americas as apparently they lost their distribution to North America after the release of “Beggar on a Beach of Gold.”

Back in the late 80s, however…a song on “The Living Years” cd called “Beautiful Day”…I lost my virginity to that song. Before anyone takes this the wrong way, it is not that I lasted only the one song, but that it was the song on when the lil’ soldier finally broke through the frontier…ahem…per say. In fact, seems to me that I heard the entire cd repeat and back to that tune before we were done.

Considering when it happened, I am pleased to say this event did not happen with “Weird Al” Yankovic singing “Christmas At Ground Zero” in the background.

Again, with me in the car an odd thought just occurred to me. I have been driving three years longer than I have been having sex…do not know why that matters, but just a random thought. I was such a good altar boy back then.

Well…maybe I was more a sheltered delusional little boy.

Long story short (too late!), this music brings back a lot of memories and even some boyhood dreams.

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