What To Yell During Sex

Most people yell, “Oh God!”

I take exception to this, being a born again atheist.

Even “Oh Zeus!” has a bit of a ‘I don’t think so’ ringing in my mind.

“Oh mama!” even has just a touch of stigma to it. Enough, that I wouldn’t yell it.

So, what to yell, what to yell?

“I’m cumming” seems too obvious. “Oh God, I’m cumming”…don’t get me started.

Also amazing how phrases like, “Fuck me now, bitch!” tend to turn people off.

What about “Holy Harry Potter!” No…that just sounds gay.

This atheist thing makes it difficult. Scary thing is, someone reading this has actually asked this, whether to themselves or even stated…as a serious question.

Who the hell cares what you scream in thanks. Fuck each other and enjoy.

…and regardless of what you believe, don’t scream out Lawrence Welk’s name. That’s just fucking silly.

“If you’re willing to swallow cum, let’s not make believe something I said was disgusting. Okay?”
– George Carlin, Feminist Blowjob


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