Me First!

If you want political correctness…read that nice fluff elsewhere today.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sworn at by a young woman with a stroller to “mind your own fucking business”.

Being she was 16 or 17 and I am 40, apparently it is not appropriate to point out that she almost knocked both of my children over in her attempt to get in front of us. Considering the scrapes and bruises of my two plus her own toddler in the stroller who would have, no doubt, been screaming at the fear of two 10 plus year olds falling on him/her…I figured I was right to point out the error.

This incident is a confluence of two things. First an immature mother…babies having babies…which is so normal it has become cliche. This will never change as there will always be children coming to teens who are not prepared to raise babies, “by accident”.

There is another problem that adds to this, however…ME FIRST!

People feel entitled to get ahead of whomever is in front of them. Whether it be at a stop light or grocery store lineup, people are rushing from the back of the line to be first in the cue or lane that just opened up.

People no longer work to gain respect…they demand it from the start and will let you have it for dissing them of the position they feel entitled to. They want their position in the line…their piece of the pie…but beyond screaming their lungs out at someone else trying to get ahead of them, they will not work for it.

Not to generalize here as some teens join the rank of parenthood and work very hard to make a good life for themselves and their children. Also, some thirty year olds become parents simply so they can use the “expectant mother” parking at the bingo hall for the BMW they just bought with their welfare cheques. Yes, an exaggeration of an extreme case.

The problem is with the “no child left behind” attitudes, some new parents get everything handed to them because of their children and lose respect for those doing the handing…aka, everyone else that works to pay taxes and provide these social safety nets.

In what these attitudes do to society, it mirrors what unions do in the workplace.

Here I will generalize and seeing as my less than PC stone is already flying, I figure I would try to hit a turkey as well as the stork.

Unions have made it so that the weakest link has job security (entitlement) as well as the ability to make the strongest link feel bad for making the weakest link look bad (don’t diss me!). They are also the first at the trough when the benefits are handed out…me first…when jobs have been eliminated after a union has made an business no longer competitive (ie most of the manufacturing jobs in North America).

Apparently these views border on a four letter word…Conservative.

I am no Conservative…I am no Liberal, either…I walk between those tracks as I am in favour of things like universal health care.

I am all for helping those that cannot help themselves. I am happy that we can help those who are willing to help themselves once we assist them in getting up on their feet.

There are too many, however, who could help themselves…and, perhaps more importantly, their children…but won’t.

Perhaps it is time for tough love. Throw political correctness out the window and stop the gravy train…to steal a slogan from the recently elected Toronto mayor.

Social services should be there for those who need them…not those who simply take them because they can.

Social services are not free…perhaps this is the biggest misconception of all. Social services means that someone else worked hard to pay for this that people feel entitled to.

Taking from those that do to give to those that won’t is not good policy and only makes those that do resentful.

We also need to stop thinking that pointing out how some will take advantage of the system is politically incorrect and wrong to do. The ones that suck from the system are in the wrong…not those that speak out about it.

Can you tell that she pissed me off, yesterday? Had my kids not been with me until an hour or so ago, I suspect this little rant would have been even more strongly worded.

As the old Vulcan proverb goes, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” However, the human addendum is that is fine unless we might hurt their feelings…or they can scream really loud those two magical words, “ME FIRST!


  1. Interesting post in that I have a feeling we share very similar political views. As for the ‘it’s all about me’ attitude it is part of our education system now too. No child can be allowed ‘to fail’ they must all get a shiney sticker and a ‘qualification’ no matter what.


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