Worst Part of Sunday

Worst part of being single is when Sunday morning rolls around and one wakes to find the bed empty.

Much as ex’s are ex’s for a reason, Sunday mornings were never one of those. Sunday mornings are good for excess frolicking and heat not brought on by the day’s humidity.

Perhaps I am a morning person, but there is something so right about being woken by a goddess’ lips already exploring…already sucking…already swallowing. In turn about my favourite way to wake her is with my tongue as well.

No, it does not have to be on a Sunday…although this thought tickles the little atheist in me…but Sunday’s usually offer more time for such activities than the other six days. Vacations being the exception, usually out the door Monday through Friday too early…and Saturday is usually a home work day. Sunday, with stores not opening as early and, perhaps, all jobs completed on Saturday just lends itself more to leisure than the others. Dare I say more cum is likely swallowed on a Sunday than any other day…generally.

This is why it is the worst part of being single. Nothing on the docket leads one to want to frolic. Nothing planned leads one to fantasize about watching her go down on me whilst certain tunes play in the background. Nothing to do leads to doing things to each other that…that…

…things that involve soft cheese and plastic toys?

Johnny English

Outside of Sunday mornings, I am pretty happy about being single. In fact, I have not been this single since I was in high school. No one I am dating…no one I am flirting with intending to date…just being myself. In one sense, think this is why my writing has slowed the last few weeks as my inspirations have…not so much dried up as altered. My mind is beginning to adjust, however…and call it a prediction that my writing may become more prolific even than before.

Enough jactancy, however…I have some plans for this blog going forward. I may add on my own linky application page…thinking to get people writing more as Wank Wednesday and Fuck Me Friday have helped me, and may set it up as a Monday post. Pictures for things like Wanton Wednesday and Sinful Sunday will be a bit sporadic until I get my own place in the fall and have private internet again. At one point I was considering getting my own webpage for this blog, but I simply don’t yet have the traffic to justify that cost.

Another plan is that I intend to get paid for my writing more often. Have some contests I will be entering as well as sending more off to potential publishers. I have had a number of things published online the last year, and have even made a few duckets, but looking more at what it will take to make this into a viable business option. Once I get a few more under my belt, I can even start applying for Canadian art grants…and then end this life of industrial sales…another thought that tickles me.

With all these plans…plus a plan to take my daughters to see Captain America today…that’s all I have for this Sunday.

I want so much more, though.

…but that is the worst part of being single on a Sunday morning.

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  1. I feel the same way. I think that’s why I’ve been so sad yesterday and today. Going to bed next to someone yet utterly alone, I wake up with that invisible wall between us and am so lonely. I want to have someone to spend a leisurely morning with… Please each other until we are ready to face the day. The weekends are by far the hardest for me.

    As for the writing… Good luck and well wishes. I hope someday I can say “I knew him when…”


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