No, not taking another break…not really. I know I missed Wank and Wanton Wednesday and I apologize for that.

Have been working on re-writing and editing one of my blog posts from back some time ago and will be entering it in a fiction contest later this month.

So again, not a break, just distracted by being focused on a single project.

I have had some friends help me with opinions and light editing on it…thank you all. Some have offered a somewhat shocking response, though.

The original post was only around 750 words. I received a lot of praise on this particular piece and only one constant, repeated complaint…it was too short. Considering how much I had cut from it, thinking the bits to be unnecessary, this complaint made sense to me.

I went back and found my original draft…re-worked it and even added to it. The new version is around three times the length…and will be longer yet when I do a final draft this weekend. I have three who have read it that did not read the original, and all three have mentioned how they cannot imagine it being any shorter.

So much for “less is more” as it seems I cut off more meat than fat when I first posted this.

With the notes I have, this story could be pushing 5000 words by the weekend. Not to suggest I will use everything…but maybe I should.

Maybe I have gone about this the wrong way and need to focus less on editing and more on ranting. See what happens by just posting…no editing…no censoring.

Truth is I could not do that as my style involves slashing what I deem as fat where my writing is concerned…wish I could do that as easily and as well with my body.


  1. I know I tend to self-edit as I write, which can really be a mistake with a creative endeavour when one should just let go and let those juices flow!

    I love how NaNoWriMo promotes that… my first attempt became a self-published book a couple years later and I’m hoping eventually more of my fiction goes that way. I’m stalled now brcause I’m prioritising school, but I’m itching to get back to the writing!

  2. I was going to say the same thing about NaNoWriMo. You CAN’T edit during that month or you won’t hit the word count levels you need. You should try it, just to learn to let go and see what happens. I managed over 62,000 pages last November on my first time doing it!

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