Watching the clouds list through the blue sky. Being they are all heading the same direction…there must be a party…over there…towards Ottawa…or is that Rochester?

Do they have a destination, at all?

They just go.

They just keep going.

We really are not that different. We all go about our days trying to find destinations and things to make us feel important, wanted, with purpose, or even just busy.

We are all busy. Doing what, though?

We are dumbing down our children in order to save the psyche of our lowest common denominator from embarrassment. We have made political correctness more important than truth for fear of hurting another’s feelings. There is this theory that everyone needs to have a say…have an opinion…combine this with political correctness and that leaves decisions being made by the squeaky wheel and not those actually educated on a subject.

Humanity has become a rudderless ship. Either that or the one manning the helm is drunk

The average life has become too comfortable and kills drive, creativity, ingenuity and ambition.

Again, looking at those clouds above, they are not driven by things like charisma, vanity or paranoia…yet they all go the same direction. The clouds have no religion, no currency, no weight loss gurus, and yet they move in concert.

Where humans differ is how we cannot seem to go the same direction. We need to feel differentiated from those around us.

Each cloud up there is quite unique, and yet they follow a single path.

Humans fight, bicker, and tug each other until wars break out killing all those with different thoughts than our own.

Clouds may bump, but they tend to mesh into one and continue on their journey…to Ottawa…or Rochester…or whatever is just over the horizon.

One day, if humans do something stupid, the clouds may vanish. Knowing this, is it any wonder why clouds hit back with hurricanes, storms and tornadoes?

One day, if humans do something stupid, the humans may vanish. Knowing this, the clouds will continue on their journey…perhaps with a brighter smile.

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