Dressing for Speed

Seems I have a night of speed dating this coming Thursday. Mentioned about it last week…

So what does one wear to such an event? Ripped jeans with a tee-shirt from the film “Heavy Metal”? A tuxedo with shined leather shoes. I suspect there is some great truth between those two.

Was thinking about a shirt, tie and my black vest…but not sure if even that is too much. Probably is too much.

In fact…time for an admission.

Hi. My name is Chris and I have a weight problem.

Long story short, I was once near 300 pounds…nine years ago I lost more than a third of my weight and got as low as 175. Now, I have probably put about a third…no, closer to half of that back on.

I am nowhere near as heavy as I once was, but the right clothes tend to hide things.

This is all a confidence issue…and I seem to have lost a touch of mine.

Today, with the new job, I discovered that this position comes with certain perks…a gym in the building. It will be a chance to see if I can get this under control…again.

This is not something I suspect will take much time. Just have to get back on the stationary bike and…

Well…seems I digressed rather *ahem* widely here. So…what should I wear for the speed dating?

…and first person to say “Speedo” gets a knuckle sandwich.


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