Stranded’s Awesome: Boldly Going

Star Trekking
Across the universe
Always going forward
As we cannot find reverse…

Prior to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, I was unaware of Star Trek. Let’s be honest, outside of hard core fans, who was prior to that. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was the film that cllinched me.

I had my doubts two years later when Captain Picard and Mr. Data took to the screen. In fact, I did not watch the first two seasons of The Next Generation when it initially aired. One evening, with nothing to do I sat through a two part episode about Picard being taken by the Borg.

After that I declared myself Trekkor…or is it Trekkie? I can never remember.

Apparently I am bi as I also openly admit to being a fan of George Lucas’ Star Wars as well…and a quick aside, I love that George Takei (Sulu from the original Trek cres) is calling on all fans of Star Wars and Star Trek to come together to fight off the stupidity that is Twilight. With a little help froim LOTR, Battlestar Galactica and…just for some vampire flavour fans of Underworld…Twilight has little hope.

From TNG on, however, I’ve seen almost all of it. Captain Kate and her ship, Voyager lost in the deep recesses of space. Captain Archer and his initial version of the Enterprise.

Not sure I have mentioned this in a while, but of the television shows, Deep Space Nine was my favourite. It was also the most different with Captain Sisko running his space station while fending off Cardassians and The Dominion. On that show, Quark was probably the first attempt at a Trek main character with questionable motives. The interplay of Security Chief Odo and Quark made the show superior.

There are also the films, of course. Eleven with a twelfth in production. Of the original crew six with Shatner and Nimoy still at the helm, their final film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was outstanding as they took on General Chang (Christopher Plummer) and a rogue Vulcan in a conspiracy riddled tale. Then the Next Gen crew took over again, hitting a high with Star Trek First Contact (the eighth film) where the Borg go back in time to Earth’s 22nd Century in order to assimilate humanity.

The most recent film, however, in 2009 beats them all. Just called Star Trek it is back to the original crew and shows how they came to work together, although with more time travel, nor on the same time line as the first set of Roddenberry stories. I saw the film nine times in the theatre…

I will admit, with how good the last film was, thoughts of a twelfth film scare me. Not certain they can live up to what they did there…then again, I was not expecting much from that 2009 film to begin with expectations it could not compete with the standard set by Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer…never mind Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew and Bakula.

To that list, Chris Pine has made a nice addition to the captains of the Star Trek Universe.

I certainly hope now that they don’t stop Trekking.


  1. Next Gen was always my favorite. I would take Picard over Kirk any day. I love that George Takei is around and very popular still.I just saw him in Larry Crowne.
    I’m not a sci-fi snob at all I like Star Wars movies as well as the Stargate TV shows in addition to Star Trek.

  2. My foray into media fandom started in the mid-70s when my sister and I watched re-runs of the original Star Trek series daily, twice a day. By the time I went to my first science fiction convention (Noreascon II in Boston, which was a world convention and forever spoiled me for conventions after that) I could quote all of the original ST verbatim as well as the first two Star Wars movies. Bones McCoy was always my favourite doctor 🙂

    Loved Next Gen and Deep Space Nine, really couldn’t get into the ones after that. Loved every other movie (we seriously thought that some was going on with every even movie 😀
    I was really scared that they’d botch it when they went back to the Academy days, was most pleasantly surprised to be wrong!! and am looking forward to the next one!

    ~Kazi xxx

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