Stranded’s Awesome: Vampires, Lycans and PVC…Ohhh My!

Yes, I know I already posted one of these today, but I forgot what I was off to see this afternoon…

Dateline September something, 2003…I still remember sitting in the cinema and that opening scene when the camera comes up behind her, crouched on the stone balcony before she makes the jump into the pouring rain and lightning storm to first take on the Lycans in the underground.

It is almost 10:30 in the morning on January 21, 2012…roughly nine years later, and this afternoon I will be off to see Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale) in the fourth Underworld installment.

The series was, of course, created by Len Wiseman who was a rock video director at the time.  He directed the first two films before passing on that torch.  Now, it seems, he is involved in writing of the stories, but not certain on much else.  This all said, it will be rather intriguing to see if Selene can carry a film on her own without Viktor (Bill Nighy), Lucian (Michael Sheen…perhaps funny, but Kate Beckinsale’s ex-husband), Kraven, Michael or any of the other wonderful characters the first film introduced.

The thing about the first film was the newness of it.  Bringing Vampyres and Lycans into the 21st Century technological level was fascinating with their ultra-violet rounds and plasma businesses.  The story was decent about Selene’s discovering that her mentor had deceived her before she did the unthinkable and created a cross-breed between the two species.

The second film, Underworld Evolution, was, admittedly, a disappointment.  Lots of great fight scenes and special effects, but the story was lacking.  With Viktor and Amelia both dead, Marcus is left as the lone elder and hunts Selene and Michael.  The best part of this film was meeting Tanis for the first time, as he was a riot…and a major player in the third.

The third film, Underworld:  Rise of the Lycans, was the masterpiece so far.  A prequel that took us back to the story of how Lucian was able to escape his servitude of the Vampyres, and Viktor in particular.  It also gives us the background of his Romeo to the Juliet of Sonja, Viktor’s daughter.

Thus, today I will see Underworld Awakenings.  My hopes are high…but the reviews are not.  Not sure I recall what the reviews were like on the second and third films before I saw them, but I am still hoping.  Not to kid ourselves, Kate Beckinsale still looks awesome in the PVC cat suit…but without Nighy and Sheen…this could be interesting, as that was part of the problem with the second film.

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