Taboo Exploration

You know that first morning erection when you wake up alone in bed? Yeah, I hate that feeling. Maybe hate is the wrong word. Perhaps I just grow tired of it.

Most simply do not want to discuss such things. Sex is too private and personal…the elephant in the room that they try to hide behind the drapes. Thus why everything in adverts gets sexed up as it is still taboo enough to attract the right attention.

There is something to be said for it being taboo, however. As taboos move like goal posts, then more and more bizarre things get explored…some not all that good. Some I cannot even joke about…perhaps being a father has drawn a sand-line for me on such matters and leaves me thinking certain hockey coaches and Newfoundland priests should be executed for their crimes.

…and suddenly my mind has gone to cold from hot after such thoughts went through. I am very open-minded about a lot of things, but that is not one. Children cannot consent on such matters…no ands, ifs, nor buts..

Anyway…give me a second…where was I?

Taboos…good taboos…like the threesomes I have experienced recently with a friendly couple. Hoping, perhaps, a foursome might come along even, though not holding any breaths on that. Simply put, due to out-dated traditions, most never experience such.

One thing I do like about the kink community is their willingness to explore. If no one is getting hurt and everyone consents…go for it!

The issue is how we have been taught to be jealous. Like religion, hate and racism…children are not born jealous. We are also not born monogamous.

On the monogamous issue, Richard Dawkins finally nailed this point home for me in his book “The God Delusion” when he pointed out how we can love more than one type of food, more than one pet, more than one child…we may love them differently, but yet we do not have to limit it to one. So why, when it comes to “romance” have we gone monogamous? Why do we expect one person to be able to fulfill all of our needs emotionally and physically? We are not wired that way. Our wants and desires change over time.

That, however, is similar to my point on bad taboos in that it will get me on a colder track…so let us move on.

Back to the moresomes. I enjoy the threesomes for, likely different reasons than most guys. Regardless of which combination…mfm or fmf…my inner voyeur and exhibitionist gets fed. These inner *ahem* demons can be fed other ways, but they do like to play with a group. The most recent such adventures had the high points for me of watching the other gentleman slipping between her legs while I was getting sucked on (or vice versa). Years ago…been a long time since I have experienced an fmf…even that was more about watching than ego for me, and lesbian porn does nothing for me. Something about living, breathing bodies where I can touch them makes all the difference. So long as I please the goddess(es) involved…my ego is never the top priority.

One day it would be interesting to be with a larger group of like-minded, though. Not a key party or swapping…just an out-and-out orgy. A mass of sweat and cum where the bowl of condoms nearly empties. BYOCondoms!

I keep hearing and reading a lot of women who claim to only want one man…lovely traditional nuclear in theory…but curious if they have ever tried more.

One friend recently surprised me. Discussing the idea of an fmf and the fact that she would get the chance to go down on another woman came up. Here response was fear…not unusual…but it was the fear of what would happen if she liked it. This fear is the greatest of all…the fear that we may like something that goes against the traditions we were taught.

Sounds familiar in so many ways to religious teachings and how we are taught not to question things deemed as tradition and sacred.

Another friend sent me a beautiful George Carlin quote yesterday…

Don’t just teach your children to read…teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.

Yes, taboos are the word. With the right consenting adults…all good taboos can be explored.

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