Love Of My Life

Howard Jones once wrote a song about love and the gestault always felt as though he was stating the word is undefinable.

How can such a word be defined?

If a complex word such as “life” can be defined, why not “love”?

Has “life” been defined?

Abortion laws would suggest life begins at a certain stage of fetus growth. George Carlin once suggested it began at the first glass of wine.

Is every person on this planet really living, or are they simply existing?

So many claim to love life…and with how undefinable both of those words are, the statement is rather disturbing. These are some of the same people who fall asleep in front of the talking box every night and then complain to their doctor and workman’s compensation for neck problems caused by too much nodding. Restricting further is those nodding off with the bad necks and how their idea of living is simply watching and judging what everyone else is doing…whether from the comfort of their couch or from the kneelers of their local church. Casting aside the fact that they, themselves, are stagnant and bloating while they judge those that are actually doing something.

One odd fascinating thing is how many attach a third word, “lust”…or even the activity lust drives, “sex”, with love. This word is much more about living and life than even remotely about love. Considering all the people claiming to be “madly in love” who have horrible sex lives, this would seem obvious. With the good exercise and mental health that good sex provides, attaching it only to love seems much too restricting.

Due to other connotations, “get off your knees” does not quite work here as that would depend on why one is on their knees but, long story short…if you love life, get off your ass and have more sex.

However, with the taboo of “sex without love” still dangling in this, alleged, evolved and modern society…not quite so simple.

A discussion with a friend, earlier today, where she referred to herself as a “slut”, and not in a good reference such as is used in the book, “The Ethical Slut”.

“Slut” is such a horrible word to describe a woman that enjoys her body and enjoys exploring. This is what the taboos have done, however…label anyone that actually tries to break aforementioned taboos as sluts.

Better to label someone that does not conform to our own views…much easier to dismiss and insult later.

So what have we learned?

That those that love their life are sluts according to those that are simply here to exist and not partake.

Taking the gender specifics out of it, if loving life makes me a slut, so be it. It is a label worth loving.


  1. I am not sure that sex without love is such a taboo anymore. I think if there is mutual respect, desire, consent…what else matters? For me personally, I find it to be less satisfying without the deeper feelings. But it doesn’t stop me from a good fling if that is where I end up! 🙂

    Unfortunate that those who enjoy sex often get a bad name. The world is not an easy place to live in. We have to forge our own way…whether the world says we are right or wrong in what we do.


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