Cold Rider

It is a cold summer night. A night where there should be heat…a lot of heat…

From the grinding…oh yes, there should be grinding of her hips into mine as she saves a horse and rides this cowboy. Driving mine up into her and her driving down onto me with such force that our bodies let all inhibitions vanish like campfire smoke blown off by the summer breeze.

The warm tongues exploring every curve. Every nook. Every cranny. Every single centimentre of skin as the tongue baths sloth their way to the ultimate completion of mutual warmth.

Finally coming together with such force that our bodies are joined in that last blast of effort with orgasms compounded together making a storm of sex and flesh. Our warmth spilling out, into and onto each other until we both collapse into nothing but sweaty, teaming masses simply trying to catch our breath and huddled together for the after warmth.

That warmth singing us to sleep, intertwined in each other’s arms and legs…until the cold takes us back and she must ride once again.

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