The sun blasted down on her, baking her skin to a sandy brown.

I sat on the lounger beside her in my blue Bermuda shorts, over sized white tee-shirt and flip-flops.  I had her sun cream at the ready.

“Randy,” she said turning her red covered head to face me.  Her blue eyes black through sunglasses and the only stitch currently on her was the black bikini bottoms that matched the bikini bra that was draped over her lounger beneath her bare chest.

“Yes, my love?”

“Cream, Randy.”

“Yes, my love.”  I live for her commands.  I would walk through the sun for her.  Though, later, as I had to wipe the sweat from my brow and mustache before squeezing the cream onto her silky back right between her shoulders and then rubbing it in giving a massage as I went.


“Yes, my love?”

“I want to swim.  Join me in the pool.  Naked.”

“Of course, my love.”  I knew what this meant.  Almost time for my reward orgasm for being the best pool boy that I could be.

My Lady Jaqueline lifted herself from the lounger.

I quickly turned so she could keep her modesty and put the black bikini bra back on without fear of me staring at my reward.

Her feet, obviously, found her flip-flops and she stood.  Her brown eyes, almost as dark as her hair, glanced at me before her hand found my still flaccid crotch to grasp and lead me.  I was very hard by the time she led me down the steps to the pool side.

“We must swim,” she said as her flip-flops fell off.  Releasing me, she quickly did an Olympically perfect dive into the pool.

My erection stood wanting to hold the sign reading “10”.  Being that was unrealistic, I slipped my own flip-flops off and pulled my tee-shirt over my belly and off.  Jumping in, though my body was straight, was like a belly flop to most…something about my larger girth makes that happen.

This all said, Jaqueline was quickly on top of me and kissing me deeply as she pushed past the bulge of my stomach.  Her legs kicked hard, pushing me to the shallow section of the pool where I could actually sit with my upper body out of the water.  Without a word, she slipped the knots on either side of her bikini bottoms and quickly straddled me.  Her fist slipped into my Bermuda shorts past the elastic and found my erection, still holding the “10” in appreciation of her.  Pulling my shorts down to my knees with such force that a small wave was created and crossed the pool.  Finally, her slender frame straddled me.

“Yes, my love,” I said and hoped she would do it.

Holding my hardened penis, she started to rub her pussy lips along its length, bringing a moan out of each of us.

I began to sweat waiting for the penetration.

It seemed like eons until her lips brushed the tip of my erection.  Slowly, she straightened my member and played with the tip against her clit before her lips spread to take in just the tip.  I waited and watched as her lips engulfed the army helmet head and stopped.

“You want more?”

“Yes, my love,” I gasped.

She slid down so half of my penis was inside her.  “More?”

“Yes, my love…”

She finally slid all the way down on me with a sound of sizzle…

…Sound of sizzle…


I awoke curled up on the living room love seat.  The poodle sat staring at me from in front of the snow filled television screen.  A pile of dog shit sat beside her bringing the lovely aroma of what the prize dog had just done.


I sat up.  “Yes, my love?”

Ruth appeared at the door in all her roundness.  Her tee-shirt was orange, giving me a slight sense I was talking to a pumpkin.  “Are you fucking coming for breakfast, or what?  You think this bacon cooks itself?”

I hung my head sheepishly.  “No, my love.  I’m coming.”

Ruth turned and disappeared into the hall.  “And clean up that shit!”

“Yes, my love.”



  1. That is a good way to relax and spend summer, too bad pesky reality always has to prevent those lovely fantasizes coming a common reality.

    Great story, I found it erotic, loved the calling her “my love” and liked the nasty twist at the end.

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