Press play…

Kick your shoes off, do not fear. Bring that bottle over here…” – Bob Dylan

“You heard the man,” Mina whispered with her slight European accent.

Apple grinned and did as she was told.  She was not certain if Mina was meant to be Spanish or Portuguese, but the accent was very alluring.

The music slipped through the small hotel room from the open computer beside the bottle of red.

Dancing as slowly as she moved, she spilled her black stilettos onto the hardwood floor causing her to loose a good three inches in height.  As she picked up the bottle, she turned and flashed a grin at Mina.  Her black skirt clung to her legs and covered just to her black fishnet-stockinged knees.  The red blouse, half un-buttoned, matched the shoes that she had already abandoned as per orders.  Her neck dripped with perspiration from the much too warm hotel room and the recently completed make-out session with Mina.

“You are gorgeous,” Mina said with a smile.  Her own knee-length black skirt was creased with her legs, in black stockings, tucked beneath her on the bed.  She also wore a black turtleneck sweater that clung tightly to her chest.  “And I love the pigtails.”

Wine bottle held by the neck in her right hand, and her left reached to tug on her red hair.  The pigtails still held tight, but her bangs were a bit disheveled.  “Thanks.  Took me a long time to grow it.”

“Bullshit.”  Mina shook her head and pushed her brunette hair back over her left ear.  Her brown eyes danced along the length of Apple.

“Do all of you realize your just stories?”

A shrug was the initial answer.  “Most do.  Maybe not Fifi.”

“And you all know about the other stories as well?  How…?”  She poured from the wine bottle into the two long-stemmed glasses on the bedside table that they shared with the single illuminated light in the room.

“Please, have you ever met anyone like us?  No, don’t answer that.”  Mina giggled and thought for a moment.  “It is just a sense.  Fifi, being the oldest, probably doesn’t care.”

Apple nodded and put the bottle down.

“What kind of name is Apple, anyway?”

Laying one knee beside Mina, she lowered her face close before saying, “It’s a bratty name, isn’t it?”  Her lips found Mina’s and were warm again.

Mina broke the kiss.  “Wait, I need to turn on…” She reached behind the glasses and found the tiny remote.  Turning towards the foot of the bed, she checked to make certain that the camera on the tripod would was ready.  Returning to Apple’s lips, she gently pressed remote button and the camera shutter fluttered like a butterfly’s wings as it recorded the events.

Apple reached down and began tugging at Mina’s sweater.  Pulling it up over Mina’s head, it got stuck as a stray thread latched on to the clasp of Mina’s bra.  Both women were laughing hysterically as they struggled with it and it finally popped off leaving Mina with her shoulder length hair astray.  Soon all clothes were gone and both women kissed and embraced laying together.

Pushing Apple to lay on her back, Mina got up to her knees and swung a leg over Apple.  Spreading both arms across the wooden headboard of the bed for support, Mina slowly lowered her pussy on to Apple’s face.  She cried out as soon as she felt Apple’s tongue exploring.

Apple could not recall such a sweet taste before.  Her tongue darted into and out of Mina then flicked at her clitoris as she devoured the flavor.

The door mechanism clicked and pushed open.  Before either of the women could move, he was there.

Chuck leaned up against the corner of the wall with a grin as the door automatically shut behind him.  “I see you started without me.”

Mina, naked and seated on Apple’s face, smiled and lifted off of her partner just enough for Apple to lift her head up.

A coy smile and mocking wave before Apple said, “Well, hello sailor.”

He was just as Apple had imagined he would be.  Tall and a slight touch of chubby that could be seen in spite of the black trench coat over the black three-piece suit, white shirt, and red tie.

“We were just warming up,” Mina pleaded.

Chuck’s gaze wandered to the tripod.  “Just warming up?  Really?  Get over here.”  He pointed to the foot of the bed.

In quick motions, both women were quickly seated where he had told them.

“Now then, I think we have work to do.”  He spread open his coat and tugged down the zipper on his pants.

Apple grinned, “Two birds, one fuck…my kind of night.”

“Both of you, on your knees.”  His words flowed in a fashion that Picard would have been impressed by.

Exchanging excited glances, both dropped on their knees in front of him.

“I don’t recall anything at all about you being a dom,” Apple pointed out.

Chuck winked at her.  Pulling the Fedora off his head, he placed it on her’s.  “Everything evolves.  People evolve…especially fictional characters stuck in limbo of the writer’s imagination for more than a year.”  His hands then pulled his penis out and it dangled in front of them.  “Now, play nice.”

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