Elle Under the Moonlight

Greg wanted to stop the car.

The cold moonlit evening twinkled with the final remnants of winter’s snow along the roadside. Streetlights oversaw the cars trekking towards each unique destination.

Greg sat in the driver seat…one hand steering this mechanical steed known as Honda…the other was between Elle’s legs.

Elle was in the passenger seat…eyes closed…face shielded by brunette locks…and gasping for breath as she neared orgasm with soft purrs that would turn to roars soon.

The only downside Greg saw in this scenario was if this orgasm caused her to squirt. In bed, that was easy to deal with…and Greg was happy to…get up, clean the sheets and all areas in the splash zone, put sheets back on and repeat. In the car, however, it seemed problematic.

The couple had suggested pulling over on a dark road where Elle would feast upon Greg until her mouth was filled with semen…but they were both tired from the trip.

Of course, when Greg would write about tonight, in that version of the story she would not only suck him off but be wearing a skirt that could be raised for a fast and triumphant ride…in reality, it was also too cold to be doing any skirt raising out here. She would have screaming orgasms that would strain both his eardrums and the socks of Honda.

Instead, he released his hands from between her legs and eased Honda into the underground parking. The place was too tight to traverse with one-handed steering. Greg imagined how much fun could be had in underground parking lots…were it not for lighting to daylight levels…and security cams allowing the building security guard to sleep in front of televisions.

Even the elevator had an obvious cam for security’s viewing pleasure.

Greg had enough exhibitionist in him, he considered getting Elle to her knees or bending her over to give the young guard upstairs a show.

One would think the young vampire-esque security guard would enjoy some spice in an evening were it not hurting anyone. The issue would be if said vampire thought it was hurting someone or not…a fine line…especially if the vampire were of Christian right-wing conservative leanings and did not see the benefit of liberal sex in elevators.

So with no incident other than a kiss or two…and Greg swatting Elle’s ass to push her on and off of the lift…they made it up to the condo.

They made it to bed, even, where Elle lay half watching the late night news, half servicing Greg’s erection until she got her mouth full of semen and they fell asleep cuddled.

Was a good thing, too…they would need their rest for what was to cum the next day…a day where both exhibition and voyeur steaks would be fed…and when Greg wrote about that, he would not have to exaggerate a thing.

The thought of what could happen the next night caused Greg to wake Elle up three times with his erection demanding to be inside of her. She did not complain one iota.

Later on as he tried to nap for the evening’s festivities, Greg considered what the word “iota” actually meant.

Then again, with what they were going to be doing later, it was a good way to distract his mind from the excitement.

As for what they were going to do, dear reader…well, we will wait and read that in Greg’s own words tomorrow.

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