I Will Be Her Clouds

Photo by Steven Wilson
Photo by Steven Wilson

She will be my sun. Brightening my time with her…and when she is away, trusting her…no, beyond trust…knowing she will soon return.

I will be her clouds. Unlike the moon, I will not chase, but instead be there when she needs…whether it be to simple drift hand-in-hand for a while, or if she needs me to hide and cover her as she leans on me for help and warmth when she feels weakness.

Then she will continue on her way to do what she must until she comes round to me again.

I will be a mixture of her future and her right now…yet not her everything…as I will not be selfish. I cannot be her past, but will never restrict her from it.

I will be the one she wants to share with when things happen…and she will be the first I think of with news of my own.

I will be the first one to say good morning to her…and the last to say good night.

With all my mind, heart and even roaming hands…I am hers.

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