Author’s note: Meet Jasper. As something of a teaser today, I thought I would put Jasper’s first story here before she joins the characters in the upcoming release of Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two which should be out mid-November if I keep on schedule. That said, at the pace I am currently writing Darwin’s Sword, book 3 and book 4 may all be ahead of schedule. This little snip of the story happens after the events of Just Prey (Book 1) and before Darwin’s Sword. So, allow me to set the scene…

Telephone Box in Snow by CGP Grey eroticaThe breeze added a chill to the already cool crisp air as it blew the long green grass nearly flat. As though adding insult, snow began to fall from clouds above.

This isn’t even winter, Jasper thought as the first flakes fell past her black hair to land on her nose. At five-foot-three, in heels, with black tights and sleeveless t-shirt Jasper was hardly in uniform. Her long black hair was wavy and framed the smooth olive skin of her face where round brown eyes peered out. Jessica Rabbit was right, she thought, I was just drawn this way. Spinning on her boot heels, she stepped up into her trailer.

That’s really all it was.

A major on an important mission and all they would give her was a glorified RV to live in. She lifted the coffee pot off the tiny stove and poured a cup to take over to her screen.

For three days, the screen had not changed. The text read: “Escorts for fun in London” and mocked her. Jasper wanted fun in London. She missed the taboo of finding places to hide and filling that fetish of public frolics whenever she could do what she wanted to whatever partner that she wanted to. What concerned her, however, was that the screen had not changed and she was no longer getting uploads from Earth. The likelihood was IT related, of course, but there were other options that had greater consequences.

A jet rocketed overhead on patrol causing the RV to shake. Glistening in the light from two suns hidden behind clouds, an icicle fell from the overhang outside the tiny window beside her. Then the snow became heavier.

A glance outside and her mind drifted back to the streets of London. It rarely snowed as heavily as what she was currently seeing, but she did recall one time, in particular…


“Is this where the Ripper struck her down?” Jasper stretched back, feeling the snow land on the dark skin of her bare breasts. The warmth of Jasper’s body melted all the flakes. A glance over at her clothes, however, had her wondering how normal she would look heading home soaked.

Of course, she was busy. The cock she was sitting on wasn’t going to fuck itself.

“No, but we’re close. A couple of blocks away. The actual scenes have become much to public for us to do this.”

“You’ll show me the actual scene before I send you home then.” Reaching between her legs with her left hand, she lifted the erection. Her right hand rested on his right thigh. Her eyes darted in search of an answer. “What’s your name again?”


She nodded. “Right, Corporal Brandt.” Of course, she knew his name, but with the chain of command as it was she had to keep him feeling unimportant. Lowering her pussy onto his cock, her left hand moved to caress his testicles. “You fucked a major before?”

He laughed. “Not until today, no ma’am.”

Jasper grinned at feeling him grab a handful of her black hair and tug. “A newly promoted major, at that.”

“Not sure there is a better way to celebrate, ma’am.”

She nodded. “No bruises, corporal.”

“Aye, ma’am.” His other hand landed a solid slap on her ass. Brandt, her final sexual experience before this mission was certainly military, but the man had some serious kink and quirks to him. His cock, though not the biggest she had played with, filled her well.

The snow was a perfect mix with the warm wet she felt between her legs. Pulling off him, into a crouch, turned so she could look down at his gorgeous face.

His body was sculpted in muscle and he had the face of a Hollywood hunk to go with it.

Good thing for Jasper that Tom Hanks had not found him first. Her hand went to his throat.

One thing Jasper missed from Earth was the sex. This mission had left her with no one but military personnel, scientists, and politicians to fuck.

Political airbags were not her style and unlike Brandt, most military personnel were too conservative for her liking…never mind the conflict of interest were she caught diddling one of those under her command. Good thing she had a side of sapiosexual kink that made some of the scientists rather appealing.

Her hand squeezed his throat until he gagged and kicked beneath her. She smiled widely as more snow fell on them.

His hands flailed, trying to get out. His cock, however, enjoyed the action and poured a stream of cum into her folds.

Jasper enjoyed the warmth and put both hands on his throat. “I said no bruises, corporal.”

He stopped kicking.

“FUCK YES!” Her own orgasm rushed through her.

He stopped breathing.

She dismounted and dressed quickly. Her thigh boots had stiletto heels and slipped on over her jeans. A t-shirt and royal blue scoop-neck sweater were put on before pulling her black trench coat over top. A glance around confirmed that no one had seen. Lowering back to him, she kissed his lifeless lips and picked up her black clutch. “I know I said you could show me the location before I sent you home…but you’re not going home. I’ll give the Ripper your love.” She grinned slyly. “I’ll pay your good deed forward.”

A car horn sounded down the street.

Heels clicked on the cobblestones and she smiled widely on her way to go see the actual location of one of the Ripper’s crimes. Her time there would be short as her mission launch was only a few hours away.

An RV on Aishihik…

A knock on the metal door ripped her back to the present.

Jasper’s hands were buried between her legs in the memory. Black pants had been pulled open and slid half down her thighs as she explored and brought a new orgasm with the memory. Her eyes searched the tiny windows either side of her.

Had she been seen with her pants down? Some of these blokes were tall enough to easily see in the windows of her trailer.

More warmth was coaxed with the thought of a voyeur that might join her for a quickie. Shaking her head to clear the thought, she stood and did her clothes back up and went to the door.

Davidson, an ensign on this mission…or a pawn, as Jasper liked to think of them, stared up at her.

Though young and nubile, the man was dumb as a bag of nails and not one Jasper would ever consider copulating with. “What is it?” she hissed.

“Ma’am, a vessel has crashed on the Tarpoon Grassland. We’re sending a team to investigate.”

Her head cocked as she considered this. “What type of vessel?”

“No info on that as of yet, ma’am.”

“I’m coming with you.”

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