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This week marks my fifth blogiversay and this piece was to be my normal call out to friends, other writers, and thanks to my readers.

This had been a disturbing enough week, that I can’t do that.By U.S. Navy photo by Damon J. Moritz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

From a week where many of us expected the outcome was going to go one way, it was turned on its ear Tuesday at about 10pm Eastern Time. Hearing the reports out of the United States since then, I am now afraid to travel there. I am going to the Space Coast Book Lovers event in June, but even that I am nervous about.

One particular Facebook post I shared got push back from some saying what is happening this week is not the fault of the racist, misogynistic, sexist candidate that won the U.S. election this week. It feels as if Biff, from Back To The Future, has been handed the reigns to the kingdom.

The protests turning to violence and the wave of hate crimes is not his fault at all, they say.

They’re right.

He tapped into it, harnessed it, and then unleashed it like a master; but it was always there. Years ago we tossed a politically correct blanket over top of it, but it was always seething beneath that cover.

He is the leader of it and running ahead like the flag bearer leading an aggressive, charging, rabid football team into the stadium before the game starts. Being that he has always been part of the so-called one percent, and those chasing him onto the field are not, if he falls he will be trampled by the angry, stampeding folk behind him.

Perhaps what scares me most in this metaphor is the reminder that the game has yet to actually begin.

That’s the right wing.

On the left there is violence as well. Protests that a misogynistic, racist, sexist blow hard could flaunt the system and then take control of it. They expect better from their politicians than admitting to sexual assault and laughing about it, or offering to immediately take away human rights from minorities, visible or otherwise, that they have all worked so hard to gain.

Not his fault that they’re expectations don’t match him, of course.

Before we go further, I’m not excusing violence on either side here. I may understand the left point of view better, but would want any causing violence to be prosecuted just as any other.

Although, the image of that candidate tripping and the football team trampling him does tickle me some.

We already saw the xenophobia that Brexit opened in the UK. If the British could do it, we should have seen it coming with the Americans. This entire scenario is a repeat of Brexit as many, anticipating the one outcome, sat on their votes thinking it would be an easy win for the other candidate. No one in their right mind would vote for the blow hard.

Well, they did.

And here we are.

The first 100-day expectations of what this leader plans to do with so-called illegal immigrants, climate policies, and science funding is very disturbing. Of personal note to me is how frightening the thought is of his revoking the rights of the LGBT community that Obama fought to protect, in favour of “religious freedom”.

sea-1683999Freedom is a word people toss around too much. In its truest definition, the free can walk the streets without fear of violence or discrimination. They should not have to be watching over their shoulder, never mind armed.

Add the word “religious” in front of it and we have the exact opposite if you don’t follow the correct religion. What happens when a religious group believes it is their right to beat up a black man or a lesbian or someone they think looks gay?
Under this new regime, I anticipate a shrug and a wink.
In an extreme look at it, it could be seen as a return to the days of Salem and witch hunts.

I know many of us are fearful on where things are going right now, but we will get through this together. Once we have the chance to correct the xenophobia, racism, et al around us again; this time we need to get at the root causes instead of just throwing political correctness at it. It works no better than a library shushing a group of teenage boys getting mischievous between the stacks…once they realize there really is no consequence, the librarian loses all power. We need to find a better way so that what we will live now will not happen again. We need to treat these assholes as a speed bump and carry on.617px-flags-of-usa-and-canada

I will reiterate something I said on Twitter earlier this week…to our American friends, we are so sorry you have to go through all of this. Your forefathers did not have this idiot in mind when they created your system…I suspect they would have changed it if they had a crystal ball. This all said, I feel fairly confident in saying Canada stands at the ready to help you…our greatest allies. If it comes to this, and I hope it does not, it may be a bumpy ride at first as we have to deal with our own immigration laws that our previous right-wing government put in. But we will find a way.

Tomorrow I will post something more usual. At least this is the plan. Thank you for reading, as always…hardly a happy blogiversary post, but it has been five good years. And as I will explain in tomorrow’s post, like the idiots taking the White House and like Negan on The Walking Dead; we, too, are just getting started.


  1. Happy Blogiversary my dear friend and congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark. That is a great achievement and I look forward to hearing your plans.

    As for the rest, it is truly sad and yes scary the world we seem to find ourselves in now. I hope you are right about the trampling to be honest but I also hope that does not unleash and even more dangerous individual to lead the way.

    Molly recently posted…The time for comfort has passedMy Profile

  2. Five years of blogging is quite an achievement. Congratulations!

    The world is watching the US… everyone wants to know where this goes. I’m scared for the future, because what happened in the US can happen over here too. We have our own ‘Trump’ and he has smelled blood… scary things!

    I look forward to read much more of you 🙂

    Rebel xox

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