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swingers polyamory sex positiveOne of the problems with breaking into and researching a non-traditional lifestyle is the lack of information out there on how things actually work.

This said, swingers don’t bite unless invited to.

There are plenty of reviews of sex toys (and yes, some will be added here) and erotic literature (again, possible here), but most of the fetish and lifestyle links come from people trying to spin in order to sell us something. It isn’t easy to find genuine info on any of this when corporate sites hijack all the search engines to drive more funds their way.

swinging polyamory sex positive toronto the phallicThis page will include reviews on anything sex-positive, with a particular focus on the swinger or open/polyamorous lifestyle. The first few are strongly Toronto-based, but it will expand beyond that over time.

That said, perhaps something most don’t realize, but Toronto the Phallic is one of, if not the world capital of the fetish and non-traditional lifestyles. The corridor that runs between Toronto and Montreal is likely the highest fetish-open-per-capita area in the world. Perhaps this is the subject for one of my future reviews, though.

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