Miss Direction

Miss Direction

Bobbi is an out-of-work writer living with her best friend, Lace…who also just happens to be between jobs at the moment. Nothing seems out of ordinary during the day as they hunt for jobs and relationships…however, under cover of darkness they become a dynamic duo that fight crimes, battle evil, seek out the best hotdog cart in the city and are always in search of a sponsor.

In the shadows they are known as Miss Direction and her trusted sidekick, Cross-Eyes.

And their tech-guy, Roy, who strives to keep their web page updated.

However, one knows their secret. One wants to destroy their calm and keep them unemployed…or better yet, dispatch them from this life. Their arch-nemesis, Motion Sickness is one that makes Darth Vader look like a good-ole-boy, creates havoc and causes a queasy feeling in the stomach of most whom see him.

These may, or may not be their stories.

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