Talon’s Stories

Talon is a storyteller…she is a flirt…she is a seductress…she is a tease…and she has a sense of humour.  Most important, she know’s how to combine these with gorgeous eyes, long brunette hair and killer legs to get what she wants.

Melinda is also a storyteller…a flirt…a tease…and a submissive with a sense of humour.  With her red curls, green eyes, lips in a constant pout and a bratty disposition, she has some serious stories to tell as well.

I…as in me, the author…do not write most of Talon’s nor Melinda’s dialogue, however.  Being both tell stories of things that no straight man could possibly have experienced, I have enlisted help.  These stories are a joint effort with a guest assistant who will be given credit at the start of each, unless they prefer to remain anonymous (see the first chapter).

…and yes, I’m using Chayse Evans for a model in the pics that are, allegedly, Talon…and I have added Julia Hayes to portray Melinda…I hope they are okay with that.

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